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Destination Brooklyn: The Painting Lounge

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By Melanie Dorsey

I am always in search of new and interesting activities to check out around the city, but especially in Brooklyn as it happens to be where I live.  About a year ago a group of my friends decided to buy a Groupon on a whim – it was for an evening of BYOB painting at The Painting Lounge.   It turned out to be a super fun way to spend an evening out having drinks with friends, with the added bonus of ending up with our very own art replications!

As described on their website, The Painting Lounge was started in the spring of 2011 as an option for a fun night out with friends.  The classes offered are for built for beginners, but people with varying skills will still enjoy themselves.  Here’s the basic premise:   for each class a well known painting is selected, the canvases are usually prepared for the students in advance with basic sketches, outlines or guidelines for the structure of the image and the class time is spent filling in the canvas with paint.  It is a little reminiscent of paint-by-number, but not quite so defined. The instructor guides the students, step by step, but also leaves room for individual interpretation in terms of color or, for more advanced painters, even changing the layout or adding to image.  It’s all really up to you, the student, how closely you’d like to follow the instructor’s direction.  I am not a skilled painter by any stretch of the imagination, so I followed the instructor step by step.

Here is a photo of my final product. It is my very own replication of Still Life with Skull by Paul Cezanne

Here is a link to the original work of art: http://www.paul-cezanne.org/Still-Life-With-Skull.html   As you can see, my version is not quite as good as the original!  HaHa!

Classes run from $50  – $65 and include all necessary supplies.  The prices correspond with the length of class, which can range from 2-3 hours.  They even provide cups for your beverage of choice and will have bottle openers and cork screws on hand.  All you have to bring is your drink of choice (21+ if you bring alcohol) and your creativity!

You can view the monthly calender and sign up for classes online.

The Painting Lounge is located in Williamsburgh Brooklyn.  Their address is 432 Union Ave.  To get there from MSM follow these directions:

  • Take the downtown 1 train to 14th st.
  • Transfer to the L train – you’ll walk through a long tunnel that connects the two trains
  • Take the L train headed to Brooklyn/Rockaway Park
  • Get off at the Lorimer St. stop
  • Exit near intersection of Keap St. and Union Ave.
  • Walk south on Union Ave. until you reach building number 432 – you can’t miss it, there is a large window looking right into the painting space

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